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Hello there,

So you either stumbled onto this post from one of my signatures on a forum,blog, or article website or it somehow leaked onto google which GET OUT NOW! haha, ok ok you can stay.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Jesse James Matz – I’ve been an SEO specialist for over 8 months now but before that i’ve been everything you could possibly think of. Hacker, cracker, spammer, botter, coder, black hatter, and in my former life a train robber (ha!).


What this article is about

It’s hard to keep your sanity when doing SEO work, you have to stay behind the scenes and just let the punches happen from the admins and moderators. But this article is to show you there is still some good guys like me out their doing REAL work to promote themselves in the most honest way possible. So if you want to hear my side of things, understand where I come from and how I work – please do read on.

What is Spam?


It’s defined as “irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.

My definition

I see spam as any promotional content to be advertised in a non-related field that consists of a link back to a website for personal gain. A good example is someone posting Viagra links in a real estate forum or article.I know the market might be down but Viagra isn’t going to help! haha.

Also if someone posts a link into a relative topic but their content isn’t compelling or even helpful. A good example is someone replying with a Car for sale link to a topic where the lady is asking why her car isn’t starting. It’s relative but does it make sense? no (she wants to know why it’s not starting, not to buy another car)

SEO Software

You have to understand there is software that will bypass anything. I don’t care if you create the most unique captcha human verification screening process known to man. If it’s worth the backlink, someone will crack it and exploit it.

Why am I telling you this?

because it’s not worth my time to do it.¬†With the internet consist of over 634 million websites (December 2012) I do use some SEO software to find relative content or articles to engage with but to automate and crack your systems? not worth it. So if you see my first post with a backlink, it’s probably because I found that original poster through relative keywords and thought I could ENGAGE &¬†HELP with the conversation, not just to promote or spam.

Why am I so honest about this?

I could easily make 1,500 email accounts in 20 minutes and crack anyone’s forum to create accounts and fake personas. But why deal with all that bull-crap on my end and your end when I can just be me and help inform while still able to promote when I find someone asking for information in conversation? I like being honest and in the SEO world, it can really be corrupted and turn you into a bad guy like Jesse James (The train robber, not me! haha)

Advertisers and Promoters

So why don’t I just advertise with your forum or website? I mean promotion is all about money right?… wrong. A key factor in SEO is backlinks (blame google!) – this is a link that doesn’t have a rel=”nofollow” attached to it. With any paid advertisements, the website should have a “nofollow” in their code, and if they don’t – well google shakes their head at them for poor practice and actually lowers the website’s ranking.


Paying for something is easy mode right? you set up an ad and don’t have to engage into any conversations. Sounds wrong to me, I don’t see why I would ever become an advertiser because this really doesn’t accomplish anything. Wouldn’t you want a person that is engaging and feeding your users relative content instead of “here’s an ad, click it even though it’s not exactly relative”. Also, no one is going to pay to promote informational content unless it has some call to action in it.


a person that takes the time to read and write compelling content even if it has an advertisement or a backlink somewhere to other relative content. This gives an engaging experience and more information if that user wants to learn more.

why not just copy/paste to post?

duplicate content on the internet is one of google’s pet peevs. It hurts you and me for just copying and pasting content compared to a backlink. It doesn’t mean I should just reply with a backlink, I still love to engage people and help them just like others helped me. Also if it’s someone else’s content, don’t you think they should get some credit?

so you just promote yourself?

no, I go through 100′s of websites a day on specific niches and bookmark useful information. I will backlink anything that is helpful to a user to learn more because even in this era, people are still dumbfounded on how a search engine works haha. If it seems like my websites are being linked more, it’s because I know my websites and the content inside more than something I have bookmarked. I can also vouch for my information because I wrote it lol

So what am I getting at?

pardon my honesty

I’m trying to give me a chance that I could do it the honest way instead of all the sneaky sneaky blackhat tactics – I believe all replies I make are 100% unique, engaging and informational but when getting denied by a moderator or admin it really can take a draw on someone. So if you’re a moderator or admin that came from my signature, I hope this makes a bit more sense. I’m not looking for a pardon from the admin, I’m just a promoter and believe I can provide great information to your site while still being a good guy. I don’t just always backlink in replies either, if I don’t have anything that I can reference – it’s just my “free thoughts”.

If you do have any questions or concerns about anything I write, you can PM me on that forum – it’s not like I create an account and leave. I leave when I feel a forum doesn’t understand the internet.

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